About Us

The business was set up in 1984 by Nigel Bialy. Nigel lives in Comrie, Perthshire, but works throughout Scotland and the UK. He regularly works in the Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen areas.

Since 1999, he has had a stand at both the Highland Show and Gardening Scotland, both at Ingliston, Edinburgh. Click here for more information and the dates of the shows. Nigel designs and builds the features himself, with a limited amount of help. It is a small business and offers a personal service. A selection of pre-designed features is already available, many with inbuilt seats. He also designs and builds to commission.

Nature doesn’t have many straight lines, most are rounded and undulating and difficult for use in modern construction. Many of the features are semi circular or oval. This can help soften the otherwise angular or rectangular shape of some gardens. The simple beauty of a curve or arch can lift even the most basic design in stone. He also does a certain amount of more straightforward work, freestanding or retaining walls for example, but normally with at least one decorative attachment – a small recess with a seat perhaps, or even a small hump in an otherwise level section of wall.

The skills used in building in drystone are ancient. The workmanship reflects not only the nature of the ground and the stone being used, but also the experience, skill and creativity of the dyker. Nigel, originally from Edinburgh, but who has lived in Perthshire for more than half his life, is such an artist.