This feature was built in a large garden near Crail. The initial request from the customer was for an enclosed seating area, if possible with an arch and a framed view of the sea. There are 3 seats inside (seating for 6) built into the stonework. Before going ahead two onsite meetings with the client were needed and a further day to finalise the drawings.

Comments from the customer:

We had a seat built by Drystone Designs using stone reclaimed from fields around us and were so pleased with it decided to have a second one in a different part of the garden. For this one my ideas were more ambitious! A stone feature with seats but which would also have some kind of arch, which would act as a window looking out to sea. Nigel drew a detailed plan of what it would look like and that was turned into the beautiful feature we enjoy today. To be able to select each random shaped stone and build such a dramatic and complicated shape with such success is a great talent.

Mrs Currie, Crail