Features – like the Cuillin or Ross – are priced individually depending on size. The prices below are a guide only, and include supply and delivery of stone (and seat) and erection of the feature. Please get in touch for an exact quotation. The timber we normally use for the seat is a 3 inch thick slab of larch, treated before being installed. Oak is also an option at a slightly higher price.

The exact price of a feature will vary with, for example, ease of access for taking in materials, whether gravelled inside or left as grass, location, type of timber used for seat.

Written estimates are always provided.  Drawings are also provided for new designs.

Sample Prices

Description Price
Small Seating Feature, Seats 2 £2500 – £3500
Medium Seating Feature, Seats 3 – 4 £3500 – £4500
Please contact us for more information and sample drawings.


Existing named designs, e.g. the ‘Cuillin’ or ‘Ross’ are copyright.