In 2005 Nigel Bialy was commissioned to build his first memorial on a woodland site in Perthshire – this was in the form of a drystone Ross seating design and was built for a loving son in his favourite spot in the woods, overlooking his home village. The seat was built over a small, buried casket containing his ashes, and a keepsafe. The larger part of the Ross embraced the seat under which the casket was buried. A small recess was also built immediately above and behind the seat. Since being built the seat has acted as a focal point for the family and a place in which to remember and reflect.

Commissioning a memorial for a loved one provides a long lasting tribute. Memorial benches in gardens, parks and in the open countryside, are often used to celebrate the life of a loved one. Seats, benches or cairns are generally the most popular designs and a number of variations are available. A Cuillin or Ross – for example – would be a unique and lasting tribute and built primarily in stone would last longer than a wooden alternative.

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